Young Adult Screening

Beginning in young adult years, changes may occur in your dental health that cannot be detected clinically. Periodontal disease can develop without warning at any age. The use of radiographs and measurements can enable us to fully evaluate your periodontal health. Periodontal disease is the number one cause of adult tooth loss. Early detection means earlier treatment for healthier gums.

In order to properly assess young adult tissues for early periodontal disease, we recommend:

Radiographic Full-Mouth Series

Approximately 14 individual detailed x-rays will be taken throughout your mouth. With these x-rays, we will be able to assess the bone level and supporting structure.

Periodontal Probing

A tiny instrument, marked in millimeters, is gently moved around your gumline to measure pocket depth. Pocket depths of greater than 3mm may indicate attachment loss and periodontal disease.

After these records are taken, they will be reviewed by Dr. Kelley. You will be notified of any abnormalities. The above radiographic full mouth series and periodontal probing allows us to have a good baseline and will also permit comparison of changes in your periodontal status over time. We recommend that a full mouth series be taken every 5-8 years. Periodontal probing should be done periodically throughout your adult years to assess for any periodontal changes.

When the appropriate time comes, copies of these records can be transferred to a general dentist in the future, at your request.