Injuries to teeth are not uncommon. Here are some signs you may expect:

  • The tooth (teeth) may darken as a result of bleeding into the tooth, or from the tooth becoming non-vital (“dying”). If the darkening is due to bleeding, the tooth may lighten again.
  • The tooth (teeth) may loosen if the ligaments connecting it (them) to the supporting bone are torn or as a result of infection.
  • Swelling may develop above the tooth on the gumline resembling a pimple or blister. This may be a sign of an abscess or infection.
  • Pain immediately after an injury is normal. If pain develops one or two weeks later, it may be the result of an infection.

If any of the above symptoms occur after our initial evaluation, please call our office immediately so that if the tooth does become non-vital, steps may be taken to save it.