Orthodontic Diagnosis, Treatment Plan & Consultation

In order to prepare a treatment plan for each patient, a thorough diagnosis is essential. The diagnostic process begins with a comprehensive orthodontic survey which includes the following procedures:

Radiographs (X-Rays)

  • Panoramic film views the position of the teeth
  • Cephalometric film views the relationship between the facial profile, jaws and teeth
  • Frontal film views skeletal symmetry

Study Models

Documents how the teeth are positioned on the jaws and is also used for measurements.


Pictures of the teeth, the dental bite, the face and the facial profile.

After these records are taken, they will be analyzed by Dr. Kelley. From this she will prepare the diagnosis and treatment plan, which we will discuss at your future consultation appointment.

Should a patient or parent request copies of any of the diagnostic materials, either for themselves or for other purposes, including health care providers, copies can be made. The charges for copying, handling and shipping are available upon your request. The original orthodontic records are the sole property of Cheryl Kelley, D.M.D., specialist in Pediatric Dentistry arid will be kept safely, after treatment, for as many years as the law dictates.