Teeth Growing Behind Baby Teeth

Navigating the Journey of Permanent Teeth

Discovering your child with a second row of teeth can be quite a surprise, but it’s a scenario many parents face. This phenomenon, known as “shark teeth,” occurs when permanent teeth emerge before the baby teeth have had a chance to fall out. It’s more common than you might think; fortunately, it’s a situation that can be easily managed.

Understanding Shark Teeth in Children

Shark teeth happen when permanent teeth surface behind baby teeth that haven’t yet fallen out. Usually, as permanent teeth push through, they exert pressure on the roots of the baby teeth. This pressure is supposed to weaken the baby teeth’s roots, encouraging them to detach from the gum line and make way for the new teeth. However, if the baby teeth remain stubbornly in place, the incoming permanent teeth will find space wherever they can, often resulting in a double row of teeth.

What to Do About Shark Teeth

Discovering shark teeth in your child’s mouth might prompt concern, but there are straightforward steps you can take:

– Encourage gentle wiggling if the baby tooth is loose, to help it on its way out.
– If the tooth remains firmly in place, it’s time to consult a pediatric dentist.

Our pediatric dentists specialize in these situations and can safely remove the lingering baby tooth, allowing the permanent teeth to align properly.

The Process of Permanent Tooth Eruption

The transition from baby to adult teeth is a significant phase in your child’s development, typically spanning seven years. This period sees the replacement of 20 baby teeth with up to 32 permanent teeth, beginning around the age of 6. Much like the initial teething phase, the eruption of permanent teeth varies from child to child.

Routine dental check-ups are crucial throughout this process. These visits not only support your child’s dental health but also provide a platform for any questions you might have about their dental development. If concerns about your child’s teeth ever arise, reaching out to our office is your best course of action.

In search of a pediatric dentist or have queries about your child’s dental milestones? Feel free to contact us. A Smile To Grow With is dedicated to guiding families through the complexities of dental development, ensuring every child achieves a healthy, beautiful smile.


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