The purpose of spacers is to move your teeth apart slightly in order to make room for the bands. At your next appointment, the spacers will be removed and bands will be fitted on your teeth.

The spacers can make teeth sore. If soreness occurs, eat a softer diet and take Tylenol or a Tylenol substitute if you wish. Avoid sticky foods and flossing between the affected teeth as this may cause the separators to come out.

As your teeth move apart, the spacers may fall out. If they fall out, do not try to replace them. Also, should they fall out, it is not necessary for you to call us or come in for the spacers to be replaced unless they come out four to five days before your next appointment.

Don’t pick at the spacers with your fingers. If you do, they may come out before the teeth have moved far enough apart.

Remember, proper care of the spacers will make it easier when we fit the bands on your teeth.